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Tail Wheel Endorsement

Looking for a way to master those stick and rudder skills? Want to know what it means to "fly by the seat of your pants"? Those pilots that learn to truly take control of a tail wheel airplane are among some of the greatest pilots flying. Our partner in aviation education has discoved what it takes in order to train his students to fly a Sport Cub like it was meant to be flown. Have you seen Alaskan bush pilots in action? Have you always wanted experience the adrenaline rush of landing on a river bed? Flying low and slow? Getting your tail wheel endorsement will be just the ticket!

14 CFR 61.31(i) Additional Training Required For Operating Tail Airplanes

No person may act as pilot in command of a tail wheel airplane unless that person has received and logged flight training from an authorized instructor in a tail wheel airplane and received an endorsement in the person's logbook from an authorized instructor who found the person proficient in the operation of a tail wheel airplane. The flight training must include at least the following procedures:Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landingsWheel landingsGo around procedures
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